• Extruded Anti Bird Net

    Extruded Anti Bird Net

    Guard your garden – Don’t wait for pests, deer and birds to rob your garden.

    Protect your flowers, fruits, berries and veggies and forget about intruders forever.

    Easy to install, practical and secure, extremely durable net which lasts for years.

    Bird-proof support structure enables light and moisture to reach fruit and crops.

    100% Brand new and high quality.

  • Knitted Anti Bird Net

    Knitted Anti Bird Net

    Knitted anti bird nets are made from HDPE monofilament and offer long-term protection for all types of crops and plants against all birds and predators. A range of widths are available up to 20m for larger areas. Life expectancy of the net is 4-6 years, depending on condition of use. This product can be used in conjunction with fruit cages, to cover the roofs and can also be used for covering ponds to protect fish from heron attacks whilst also keeping out the leaves.

  • Multi Purpose Garden Netting

    Multi Purpose Garden Netting

    Garden crop protective netting is designed to protect your garden and landscaping from birds, animals and other intruders. Available in several sizes.

  • Plastic Trellis Mesh

    Plastic Trellis Mesh

    Plastic Garden Trellis Mesh is an extruded HDPE UV stabilised square hole Trellis ideal for supporting climbing plants, or garden protection.

    It is a lightweight alternative to wooden or wire trellis and is UV protected so it will last.

  • Gutter Guard Mesh

    Gutter Guard Mesh

    Gutter guard mesh, plastic gutter guard mesh gutter covers mesh gutter guards roll with hooks for rain leaves, Use for Tools & Home Improvement – It is widely used in aquatic products, poultry breeding, natural action, civil construction, aquatic product maintenance, garden golf course protection.

  • Pea & Bean Netting

    Pea & Bean Netting

    Pea and Bean Netting is a green, extruded polyethylene mesh netting, support for runner beans, peas, sweet peas and other climbing plants – with runner beans particularly benefiting from the netting when draped over a frame.

  • Butterfly Netting

    Butterfly Netting

    Butterfly netting mesh made from strong HDPE and UV stabilized, it feels more like a soft fabric to touch and will last for many years. Light enough to lay directly over crops and strong enough to be used to cover frames, cages or hoops.

    Acts as a physical barrier between crops & butterflies preventing them from laying their eggs and in turn, caterpillars eating the crops.

  • Shade Cloth

    Shade Cloth

    Our knitted fabric is designed and constructed to allow airflow to keep you cooler and comes in a range of cover factors, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

    Shade Cloth are mainly used in applications related to crop protection and agriculture.

  • Protective Sleeve Netting

    Protective Sleeve Netting

    Protective sleeve netting is Ideal for product protection and separation of products in all process, handling, shipping and storage applications. The diamond shape open mesh eliminates trapping of moisture, thus protecting against rust and corrosion. Storage will not damage, prevent the damage to the outer surface. Can also be used for packaging of fruits and vegetables, concise and beautiful and easy to carry.

  • Fence Screen

    Fence Screen

    Privacy Fence Screen made of HDPE material, four sides are finished with reinforced material and completed with grommets on all four edges, then packaged and shipped ready for installation. The fabric is UV stabilized so that it can resist fading and retain material strength for years of use. Can be easily hung with zip ties for installation. It’s often used for yard, parks, retention pond areas, court, events, balcony and garden.

  • Anti Hail Netting

    Anti Hail Netting

    Anti-hail Net is designed for covering apple trees, orchards, vineyards and greenhouse. A high density polyethylene, super stabilized against UV rays, used to prevent hail damage in a board variety of crops. Also helps to protect trees and fruits from birds while still allowing plenty of sunlight through.

    Anti-hail nets are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install and uninstall.

  • Olive Collect Netting

    Olive Collect Netting

    HDPE Olive Net for Olive Harvest is made of light weight flexible and durable material UV stabilized polyethylene.

    The nets have various kinds of meshes in order to optimize the different harvesting methods of olives and fruits.

    It can also be used to collect a many of fruits such as walnuts, olives, hazelnuts and chestnuts ect.

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